About Olney Camera Club

Olney Camera Club was formed in April 1999 to allow local people to meet, talk about photography, share experiences and learn.


We are a small group of mixed abilities. Our passion is taking photographs, whether on camera or on our phones. We have members who are technically strong, those who are great at composition, some who know their way around post processing, some who swear by the auto setting and others who always use manual. We’ve got learners, improvers and experts. 


We meet twice a month. On the third Wednesday in the month, we meet informally, maybe in a pub or for a walkabout. These informal sessions are free and anybody is welcome to come along.


On the last Wednesday in the month, we have a more formal session. Usually based in The Olney Centre at 8pm. These sessions maybe our competitions, or a talk, or perhaps a practical session. These are member only events* and cost £5 to attend.


Annual membership is £20 and *prospective members are able to attend three formal sessions free of charge.

Join Us

If you are interested in joining the club, get in touch here.