How to: Understanding our Scoring Model

Firstly, the judge scores each image on a scale of 1 – 20. These scores are added to the score sheet as shown. Member Score Person #1 18 Person #1 15 Person #2 14 Person #2 16 Person #3 13 Person #3 17 Person #4 17 Person #4 19 Person #5 16 Person #5 0 Person #6 11 Person #6 […]

How to: Resize Image Files for Projection

Whether or not you have edited your image file much after it was uploaded from the camera its best to optimise it for projection before the competition to get the best results.  The reason we do this is so that the projection program (and the projectionist) has as little to do to the file as possible and stands least chance […]

Top Ten Tips from Dan Bridge

Our first official club meeting of 2024. We were very pleased to welcome Dan Bridge who took us through his top ten tips for photographers. Originally a guitar maker, he turned to photography, his true passion, in 2002 running workshops, private tuition and delivering lectures. Spoiler alert, I am going to repeat all of Dan’s tips below. But without his […]

Why Join Olney Camera Club

If you’re looking for a new hobby, or are ready to level up your photography skills, Olney Camera Club might be just the place to start. One member describes how it’s worked for her. I’d been considering joining Olney Camera Club since I moved to Olney in 1993. Yes I know, it took nearly 30 years to bite the bullet. […]